March 18, 2022

Construction underway on $1.2 billion Station Lands Project

By Elijah Stauth

Station Lands Will Breathe New Life Into An Important Part Of Edmonton's Downtown

Our cities are becoming denser, and we see increasing demand for downtown environments that meet all the criteria people expect from a vibrant urban community. The mixed-use developments we're exploring for Station Lands have the potential to fulfill these demands while creating some of the most engaging social hubs in our city. Our approach to development will provide new ways for people to connect—and stay connected—to their neighbours, local businesses, and their city.

Qualico Properties has begun the next phase of construction on Station Lands. This involves the redevelopment of a former CN railyard on over 9 acres.

The current plans for Station Lands support city-wide growth policies, energy sustainability objectives, arts and culture policy, and provides much needed new housing in an area yearning for revitalization. 

Qualico is passionate about the future of downtown Edmonton and equally passionate about the experiences people have living there. It is important for Station Lands to offer a connection to the area’s cultural history. We also want to provide spaces where new residents and business owners can create a compelling story that will contribute to a more dynamic and livable future.

At the turn of the 20th century, the Station Lands site was the gateway to Edmonton. The railyard anchored Edmonton's historic warehouse district and shone as a beacon of local industry.

A century later, our development will activate the downtown’s northern edge while connecting Edmonton’s most prominent districts and public institutions. It will also provide rich opportunities for entrepreneurism, creativity, and city building. All of the ingredients needed to write a new future for these downtown spaces.

Station Lands will create a walkable, cyclist-friendly, and transit-accessible link between ICE District, The Quarters, the Arts District, the Royal Alberta Museum, City Hall, and Chinatown.

At full buildout, Station Lands will be downtown Edmonton’s only master-planned community, spanning approximately 2.2 million square feet. Station Lands will create around 1,000 jobs in Edmonton, and the community could see up to 5,000 Edmontonians either calling Station Lands home or their place of work.

It is important for us to live up to the commitment we made to City Council and the downtown community and deliver on the many benefits this project promises. Critical underground work has begun to expand on what was completed in Phase 1. This will enable Phase 2 to rise out of the ground early this coming summer.

We’re excited to keep building in 2022 and to share our vision of a vibrant downtown community with all Edmontonians.

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